Socio-economic regeneration

Ireland remains one of the most wealthy countries in the world and yet is confronted with such a range of social and economic challenges it is often hard to think that this is the case. Central to overcoming the sense of loss that has become a feature of much economic commentary in the past number of years is the re-building of our economic and social confidence to meet the, at times, over-powering challenges of unemployment, income loss and emigration. There are many examples where such challenges have been confronted and there are many opportunities to allow all communities across the country to regain a sense of purpose when it comes to economic and social renewal.

Generation of sustainable employment is clearly a key aspect of renewal but it does not stop there. To create the environment where people can again, with confidence, approach their future means that unnecessary barriers must be confronted. This means that greater embedding of economic recovery must become a feature of the planning and delivery of services and products. Community engagement and entrepreneurship must be nurtured and allowed to gain the sort of critical mass that will allow it to ultimately compete on the international stage.

Integrated socio-economic planning is a central aspect to equipping our communities and entrepreneurs to confront the many challenges of the unstable economic environment. Working with communities, organisations and individuals can create the momentum necessary to grow business, create employment, reduce poor literacy and enhance quality of life. Very often the resources to do so are already available but under-utilised or even forgotten about. Getting sustainable growth back into our communities is very often down to taking the first step, but such steps need to be facilitated and nurtured. Putting the support networks in place is something Ireland has been very good at in the past…we just need to think again about how we can re-invigorate the strengths we have.

Integrated Socio-economic planning and strategy development

O’Riordain and Associates are a leading facilitator of socio-economic planning in Ireland and has also considerable experience internationally. We can facilitate the preparation of a full strategy or the implementation plans and action plans which underpin such strategies in a practical process. Our approach is based on having real actions that will be recognisable by your organisations stakeholders. Of equal relevance is that we can prepare the plans to meet international funding body obligations as well as positioning your organisation for funding from national and local resources.

Location based intelligence Auditing

Before making an investment it is a necessary feature of corporate risk management for the investor to audit the geographical areas that may be seeking investment. O’Riordain and Associates can provide the foreign direct investor with the necessary intelligence to develop an understanding of a location’s capacity for investment including institutional review, legislative guidance and planning advice. Alternatively, we can advise communities in regard to their current capacity for investment, investment attractiveness and emerging market trends in areas identified as an investment priority in local plans and policies. This includes completion of gap analysis and sensitivity analysis to develop an understanding of the strategic strengths and weaknesses of an area in capturing foreign direct investment.

Business Case Development

Private sector investors expect to see a project business case if they are being sought as investors. Increasingly public bodies are expected to do so as well. Challenge funding is a well practised process with the European Commission and is increasingly likely to be a feature of national government funding for both local and national public bodies, research interests and private companies. The development of an appropriately considered business case is an essential aspect therefore of such funding regimes. O’Riordain and Associates have developed considerable track experience in such cases and will be happy to work with you in building your arguments for resourcing.

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