Corporate Planning

Leadership in corporate planning is a central feature to an organisation moving in the direction needed to meet its objectives. Regardless of it being a public or a private body, unless leadership is demonstrated the chances are that, at best, the organisation will float along from one set of challenges to another. At worst, and in to-days unstable environment a more likely scenario, the organisation will go out of business or fail to meet the needs of its stakeholders. But it is not just about leadership. Change in organisations will not come about just because a manager or even a share-holder wants it to happen. This is even more the case in public bodies which are confronted with the often competing interests of the citizen, the politician and the investor, not to mention the staff.

Corporate planning allows the policy-maker, the manager and the decision-maker to work through the many aspects of an organisation’s environment. The most effective examples of corporate planning are those that seek to develop a collaborative approach involving the many communities that make up an organisation’s environment. Thinking along with, rather than over, the staff, the client, the citizen, is now a central feature of the more successful company or public organisation.

Equally, making corporate planning real for those that are affected by our decision-making is now a key aspect of planning for the future success of the company, the community, the political objective. As so much is dependant upon others doing the delivery, be it a service or a product, to-day’s leaders need to be able to have their compelling reason that will encourage the sort of buy-in that will make things happen. Corporate planning based on collaboration and common-sense is now a must have for the modern manager, the decision-maker, the policy leader.

Making strategies and plans

We can facilitate both public and private clients to prepare their corporate strategies, implementation plans and action/business plans. Whether it is an integrated strategy for a town or county, or a business development strategy for a company, O’Riordain and Associates will work with you to deliver your strategy or plan in a real and substantive manner. We can help you make the compelling case for your community or your company.

Audit of business/corporate plans

We have extensive experience of completing reviews of strategies and business plans. We have a focus on meeting real need in stakeholders or clients of both public and bodies. We have carried out numerous studies which successfully managed expectations and demonstrated the effectiveness of our client business plans and strategies.

Developing Output and Outcome Indicators

We can facilitate the preparation of appropriate indicators for your organisation. We can help you to get the necessary buy-in from your stakeholders (internal and external) and will facilitate your organisation when it comes to demonstrating the achievement of stakeholder expectation and corporate obligation.

Business Environment Audits

We can prepare intelligence led audits of the operational and market conditions your organisation is confronting. O’Riordain and Associates can access into both national market conditions and emerging trends from the international policy and research arena.

To learn more about our approach to corporate planning take a look at this case study.