Strategy & Policy Development

Given the many challenges confronting decision-makers, managers and policy-makers, a critical feature of management of all organisations, public and private, is that of planning for the future. What are the key influences likely to confront a manager? How can you begin to recognise that the environment in which you run or direct your organisation is changing? What impact is an evolving situation going to have on the organisation, its customers, its clients? What does change mean if it is being driven by factors completely outside my control?

Allowing the time to think through these challenges is a fundamental aspect of the work of all managers and decision-makers. Recognising that there is a need to think beyond the immediate so as to avoid future negative legacies from the apparently easy answers to to-day’s challenges is now a central feature of making decisions and developing policy. This is regardless of where you are placed in your organisation. Having the means to tackle these challenges is now a key concern particularly as managers and decision-makers wrestle with the need to get the maximum value for money.

The challenges of the ever-changing environment confronting managers, policy-makers and decision-makers now oblige them to think beyond the immediate and the urgent and to look at the implications of particular decisions or changes in corporate objectives. Strategic and corporate planning is now more necessary than ever before. Equally critically is the need to ensure that such planning is not simply a top-down initiative which front-line staff must follow. They are now an intrinsic part of all organisations confronting their daily challenges and long-term sustainability regardless of their sector or profession.

Developing Strategies

As one of Ireland’s leading strategic advisors we can facilitate both pubic and private organisations to prepare strategies to confront the challenges of the market place and legislative environment. We have advised some of Ireland’s leading organisations in the preparation and review of their investment strategies, corporate plans and have contributed to various national guidelines for strategy development in the public sector. We are also well placed to understand the often competing demands of emerging market trends and regulatory requirements while also having to address the concerns of key stakeholders such as share-holders, customers and citizens.

Preparing Policy Papers

We have considerable experience of working with both public and private bodies that are preparing submissions to government and local authorities in various policy areas including the environment, planning and development and social inclusion. We have also been commissioned to directly prepare policy for both local and national government and have contributed to policy development, on behalf of clients internationally.

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