Building inter-agency consensus for the future development of a community

Client: Public and private

The Challenge

The area concerned had seen limited engagement between the development agencies and the local community including local business. The challenge was to bring the agencies into an engagement process with a suspicious community and to create an environment where the community voice would be fully embedded into the business planning of the agencies concerned.

The Response

Active workshopping between the community and the agencies was undertaken at which all the community concerns were openly facilitated and drawn upon to integrate with the thinking within the agencies. The capacity of the agencies to address these concerns was then analysed and options for responding to community concerns were discussed. The agencies were then facilitated to integrate operational responses, where possible, and this was brought back into the consultative process for agreement.

The Effect

The drafting of an agreed action plan was followed by appropriate changes to the business plans and spending priorities of the relevant agencies and plans were put into effect. Changes to the infrastructure and the public services available in the community have now been given effect.