Developing a long-term plan for a large geographic area

Client: Public

The Challenge

The organisation is responsible for the long-term planning of the area. Their plan was to address economic, social, cultural and environmental influences on the area and to underpin the long-term strategy with a practical implementation plan which would demonstrate their capacity to lead change in the area concerned. There were multiple stakeholders, competing interests and access to resources to meet local as well as national expectations was, and is, limited.

The Response

The organisation was facilitated through an internal and external consultation process to develop a development strategy which would meet the national and international obligations of the organisation, and also allowed for considerable community and stakeholder engagement over an extended time frame.

The Effect

The strategy is being implemented and the relevant local policy environment changed to allow for more flexible planning and service delivery across the relevant stakeholders and within the business planning of the lead organisation. The response to local economic challenges has been enhanced and greater inter-agency co-operation is now in place to meet the on-going international effects of the economic downturn.